Stephen Marmura

Stephen Marmura

Ph.D., Queen's
Associate Professor
Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-2627

My research interests include various aspects of popular ideology, public opinion, and Web-based activism. I am particularly interested in the relationships between changing modes of state and corporate surveillance, propaganda dissemination, the proliferation of conspiracy theories, and declining public trust in the mainstream news media. My most recent work (ongoing) deals with the case of WikiLeaks and informational activism in a post-truth media environment. 

Research Interests

media ecology; public opinion; popular ideology; propaganda; conspiracy theory

Recent publications

Marmura S. (2008); (First paperback ed. 2010) Hegemony in the Digital Age: The Arab/Israeli Conflict Online. New York: Lexington Books.

Marmura S. “Likely and Unlikely Stories: Conspiracy Theorizing in an Age of Propaganda”. International Journal of Communication. Vol. 8. 2014.*

*A digest appears in Democratic Audit (Sept. 22, 2014) “The growth of conspiracy theorising is influenced by dominant media narratives and news framing practices.”

Marmura S. “Tales of 9/11: What conspiracy theories in Egypt and the United States tell us about ‘media effects’”. Arab Media & Society. Issue 11. Summer 2010.

Marmura S. “Surveillance, Mass Culture and the Subject: A Systems/Lifeworld Approach”. Democratic Communiqué. Vol. 22(2). Fall 2008.

Marmura S. “A net advantage? The internet, grassroots activism and American Middle Eastern Policy”. New Media & Society. Vol. 10(2). April 2008.

Marmura S. (Oct. 2012) The Mediation of Identity: Key Issues in Historic Perspective.  In R. Luppicini (Ed). Handbook of Research on Technoself: Identity in a Technological  Society. IGI Global.

Marmura S. (2010) Security vs. Privacy: Media Messages, State Policies, and American Public Trust in Government. In E. Zureik, L. Harling Stalker, E. Smith, D. Lyon and Y. Chan (Eds). Surveillance, Privacy and the Globalization of Personal Information: International Comparisons. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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