Sociological Futures

This site provides access to information pertinent to Sociology students about future opportunities available in this field. Included is information on Post Graduate Education, Internships, Scholarships, Careers and Volunteer Work.

Post Graduate Education links


Internships, Teach abroad, etc.

(Note that you should carefully check the organization before making a commitment)



  • Government of Canada Awards and Exchanges for Education: a good site with lots of other links
  • Student Awards: this is a database for students which matches a personal profile with available scholarships. Students are given their own inboxes through this database in order to access scholarships for which they are eligible
  • SSHRC Website: this is the standard place for doctoral students and post-PhD academics to apply for funding. Check to see their requirements as this is useful practice
  • Here is the University's research office site with links to possible future funders:
  • J. Armand Bombardier Scholarship fellowships: this is designated for students who wish to "internationalize their studies". These are valued at $17500 each. the closing date for application is February 2. To be eligible, one must have at least one degree, and show academic excellence.
  • Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme: this scholarship is designed to "reward students who follow through their career strategy." To enter, one must simply write an essay (250 words) on how you plan to achieve your goals. Do this, and you could win a scholarship worth $750-$3,000. For information on rules, click above.
  • Soroptimist Foundation of Canada: These are Grants for women of $7500 a piece, given annually to women in Graduate studies.
  • The information presented here does not represent all the scholarships available to students. Many more are available. For more information, contact the financial aid office on the first floor of Nicholson Hall.




Volunteer Work

Why volunteer?
Information about Canadian volunteer opportunities
Local volunteer opportunities