2016/17 Sociology Course Outlines

SOCI 100:66 Intro to Sociology Smythe, Deirdre Mary FULL TBA
SOCI 101:11S Foundation of Sociology Chisholm, Riley Laurell 1ST T1/T2
SOCI 101:12 Foundation of Sociology Lynes, David 1ST Q1/Q2
SOCI 101:13 Foundation of Sociology Bantjes, Rod 1ST D1/D2/D3
SOCI 101:14 Foundation of Sociology Phyne, John 1ST MP/PM
SOCI 101:15 Foundation of Sociology Marmura, Stephen 1ST GH/HG
SOCI 101:16 Foundation of Sociology Cormack, Patricia 1ST K1/K2/K3
SOCI 101:17 Foundation of Sociology Mallory, Peter 1ST Q1/Q2
SOCI 101:20 Foundation of Sociology Smithwick, Neal Andrew 2ND N2
SOCI 101:66 Foundation of Sociology Smythe, Deirdre Mary FULL TBA
SOCI 102:21S Contemporary Sociology Chisholm, Riley Laurell 2ND T1/T2
SOCI 102:22 Contemporary Sociology Lynes, David 2ND Q1/Q2
SOCI 102:23 Contemporary Sociology Bantjes, Rod 2ND D1/D2/D3
SOCI 102:24 Contemporary Sociology Smithwick, Neal Andrew 2ND MP/PM
SOCI 102:25 Contemporary Sociology Marmura, Stephen 2ND GH/HG
SOCI 102:26 Contemporary Sociology Cormack, Patricia 2ND K1/K2/K3
SOCI 102:27 Contemporary Sociology Mallory, Peter 2ND Q1/Q2
SOCI 202:10 Research Principles & Practice Smithwick, Neal Andrew 1ST EF/FE
SOCI 210:66 Sociology of Marriage & Family Aubrecht, Catherine Muriel FULL TBA
SOCI 212:10 Social Dissent Bantjes, Rod 1ST HJ/JH
SOCI 216:20 Canadian Society Smithwick, Neal Andrew 2ND AB/BA
SOCI 217:10 Race, Class, Gender & Sex Smithwick, Neal Andrew 1ST AL/LA
SOCI 227:10 Sociology of Religion Charles, Ronald 1ST HJ/JH
SOCI 230:66 Sociology of Education Smythe, Deirdre Mary FULL TBA
SOCI 242:20 Technology & Society Marmura, Stephen 2ND CK/KC
SOCI 243:20 Consumer Society Cormack, Patricia 2ND MP/PM
SOCI 247:10 Environmental Social Science I Bantjes, Rod 1ST T1/T2
SOCI 250:00 Deviance & Social Control Chisholm, Riley Laurell FULL DE/ED
SOCI 250:66 Deviance & Social Control MacDonald, Donna FULL TBA
SOCI 254:10 Social Class as Lived Exper. Cormack, Patricia 1ST EF/FE
SOCI 298:20 ST: Perspective on Deviance Charles, Ronald 2ND Q1/Q2
SOCI 301:11 Classical Social Theory Lynes, David 1ST DP/PD
SOCI 301:12 Classical Social Theory Cormack, Patricia 1ST MP/PM
SOCI 302:21 Topics in Contemporary Theory Lynes, David 2ND DP/PD
SOCI 302:22 Topics in Contemporary Theory Mallory, Peter 2ND T1/T2
SOCI 307:10 Qualitative Research Methods Smithwick, Neal Andrew 1ST DE/ED
SOCI 310:00 Gender MacDonald, Donna FULL KL/LK
SOCI 312:20 Social Movements Bantjes, Rod 2ND HJ/JH
SOCI 322:10 The Antigonish Movement MacInnes, Daniel 1ST MP/PM
SOCI 331:10 Media Effects Marmura, Stephen 1ST CK/KC
SOCI 334:20 Anne of Green Gables Harling Stalker, L Lynda 2ND EF/FE
SOCI 364:10 Food & Society Phyne, John 1ST Q1/Q2
SOCI 391:00 Junior Seminar Harling Stalker, L Lynda FULL M2
SOCI 394:10 St: Love, Intimacy & Power Mallory, Peter 1ST T1/T2
SOCI 395:20 ST: The Black/African Diaspora Charles, Ronald 2ND HJ/JH
SOCI 397:10 ST: Sociology of First People Lynes, David 1ST EF/FE
SOCI 398:10 ST: Sociology of Agriculture Chisholm, Riley Laurell 1ST AL/LA
SOCI 400:00 Honours Sem & Thesis Research Harling Stalker, L Lynda FULL TBA
SOCI 427:20 Sociology of Friendship Mallory, Peter 2ND N3
SOCI 435:10 Surveillance & Social Control Marmura, Stephen 1ST AB/BA
SOCI 491:00 Senior Seminar Harling Stalker, L Lynda FULL M2