Welcome to Sociology at StFX, where students are introduced to innovative methods of looking at the social world, human behavior and societies. Sociologists explore the way human interaction shapes our culture, and employ the ideas of leading social theorists for comprehensive answers.

Exciting Jobs!

Over the past 10 years our graduates have gone on to study and work in:

  • policing (RCMP)
  • corrections
  • law
  • social work
  • social policy
  • public administration
  • environmental policy
  • immigration  
  • community development
  • criminology
  • government
  • medicine (physician) (The MCAT exam now includes an extensive section on sociology.)
  • gender advocacy
  • journalism
  • communication and media
  • art therapy
  • speech pathology
  • race and multiculturalism
  • education
  • sociology
  • sports management
  • international ESL (English as a Second Language instruction)
  • environmental studies

Our graduates have also gone on to graduate work at prestigious institutions including: Oxford (Rhodes Scholar), London School of Economics, University of Alberta, York University, Queen’s, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto).

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