Community Partner Award

This award recognizes a local, regional, national, or international community partner who has made a significant and sustained contribution to the growth and development of educational (teaching and/or research) opportunities in the StFX University community.  Recipients may include non-profit agencies, arm’s-length government agencies (e.g. schools, health boards, etc.) and individuals.   


The Antigonish County Adult Learning Centre (ACALA) was awarded the community partner recognition award

At Fall Convocation, The Antigonish County Adult Learning Centre (ACALA) was awarded the Community Partner Recognition Award for their ability to inspire faculty, students, staff and community.

The Antigonish County Adult Learning Centre (ACALA) has long welcomed StFX Service Learning students, providing them with meaningful learning experience in a highly effective yet small organization. ACALA has long been recognized for its support and genuine respect for adult learners, while demonstrating an outstanding ability to create innovative programs that reflect the diversity of its learners. Such innovative programs include First Voices Digital Storytelling with people who live with mental health challenges, English tutoring for the Syrian refugees, and the Forgotten Language Initiative for the Mi’kmaq community of Paqtnkek. 

ACALA also takes its civic responsibility seriously. Its leadership has shown outstanding commitment to social justice and community building through its dedication and significant role in various poverty reduction initiatives, like affordable housing and community transit.  We recognize, with this award, ACALA’s dedication to adult learners, its dynamic vision of public engagement, and its commitment to collaboration and partnership.