Faculty/Staff Ad Hoc Classroom Reservations

https://www2.mystfx.ca/registrars-office/sites/mystfx.ca.registrars-office/files/Classroom%20Inventory%202018-2019_1.pdfNOTE TO STUDENTS: Students who wish to make classroom reservations must contact Conference Services via email at conference@stfx.ca, by telephone 902-867-5245, or in person at the Conference Services office, located just off the main foyer at the Keating Millennium Centre.

NOTE TO FACULTY and STAFF: This classroom reservation system is to be used for ad hoc classroom bookings only. To request a change to a timetable classroom assignment, please log into mesAMIS and submit a "Request for Classroom Change" form.

Will you be screening a film at your event? You are responsible for ensuring that public performance rights are secured for all film screenings on StFX campus. If you believe your screening does not require public performance rights (under the Copyright Act's Educational Exception) contact the Copyright Support Team at copyright@stfx.ca to ensure that your screening qualifies for this exemption. Refer to website at http://sites.stfx.ca/library/campus_copyright/FAQs/film_screening_outsid...

For classroom requests from May to August or to book conferences, tradeshows and special events, visit Conference Services at http://conference.stfx.ca

To make an ad hoc request during the academic year (September to April):
View the Classroom List.

Click on the link http://classrooms.stfx.ca/ to access the online classroom booking system.

Select the "Availability" tab. Unfortunately the alternate classrooms are not included in the availability tab, we are working with IT Services to resolve this issue. St. Ninian Place and Keating Centre spaces are available from
8:00 AM - 5:15 PM, Monday - Friday.

Submit your request by selecting the "Request Room" tab. Please allow 3 business days for processing. During the first few weeks of each term, while classroom assignments are finalized, requests will not be processed until mid-September or mid-January.