Exam Invigilation for Non-StFX Courses

Invigilator Contact Information
Name Email Address General Availability
Heather MacInnis hmacinni@stfx.ca Evenings and weekends
Nancy Marenick mnmarenick@gmail.com Weekdays, daytime hours (not available in April)
Janet Stark jstark@stfx.ca Any time
Charlie ten Brinke ctb@stfx.ca Weeknights after 4PM

Duties of the Student

  • Contact an invigilator on the list and determine a time to write.
  • Contact the offering university, request the examination and ensure they can provide the examination documents on time.
  • If the examination is through Athabasca University, please use the invigilator ID: 3376707.
  • Can accommodate online exams from 8am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.
  • At least one week in advance of the scheduled exam, complete this form and payment and return to the Registrar's Office by fax or scan to email. Failure to submit the form at least one week in advance may jeopardize the scheduled exam.
  • The fee is $75.00 for a minimum of 3 hours, plus $25.00 for each additional hour.
  • Any courier costs or special handling costs are extra and must be ordered and paid for in advance.


For Invigilators

  • The Registrar's Office will notify you when the request form has been received and confirm the time the student has provided.
  • Confirm the documentation is set to arrive on time.
  • Contact Conference Services (conference@stfx.ca) to reserve a small classroom or computer lab.
  • After the examination, return all documentation to the Registrar's Office.