Course Drop Dates 2020-2021

Date Details
Tuesday 22 September Last day to change full-year and first-term courses. Last day to receive full tuition refund for full-year or first-term courses, when applicable.
Friday 13 November Last day to drop first-term, three-credit courses.
Wednesday 13 January Last day to drop full-year courses or change second-term courses. Last day to receive full tuition refund for second-term courses, when applicable.
Friday 12 March Last day to drop second-term, three-credit courses.

Important Dates ~ deadlines will be strictly enforced

You should also be aware that dropping a course may change your status from full to part-time and have an impact on other areas.

For Impact On Contact Phone 902-867-

Business Office / Student Accounts

2123, 3738
Student Loan government or bank loan
StFX Bursary or awards
Financial Aid Office
2301, 2374
Dean's List for next year
Dean's Office:  
ARTS 2165
In-course scholarship, this or next year Scholarship Office