The 2020-2021 Course Timetable


2020-2021 Course Timetable 

Remote Delivery Courses

Please note: All 100-level introductory courses have been closed for registration until new first-year students begin to register. Continuing students are encouraged to register in another course, if possible, in place of a 100-level introductory course.

Master of Applied Computer Science Timetable

Please note: Second term course information appears on the timetable listing, however, the informaton is not accurate and will change prior to Winter term course registration.

Course Delivery Mode

The delivery mode will be indicated in the timetable listing. Click here for details.

Second Term Holding Courses

As mentioned in a July 8th email from Dr. Wamsley, students will register for Fall term and full-year courses only, with Winter registration taking place later in the Fall. Students will also register in a holding course in the second term based on the number of credits you plan to take in the Winter term. If you are registering in full year courses, remember to deduct the winter term credits for that course from the number of credits you plan on taking.

Full-time/Part-time Status:  Students registered in 18 or more credits from September to April have full-time status.  Students registered in less than 18 credits from September to April have part-time status.

2020-2021 Timeblock Grid colour coded

2020-2021 Timeblock Grid blank

Registration and COVID FAQs can be viewed here.

ASCHL(Amelia Saputo Centre for Healthy Living), AX(Annex), BB(J.Bruce Brown), CO(Coady), ESC(Exercise Sciences Centre), FXH(FX Hall -formerly Coady MacNeil), GM(Gilmora), IM(Immaculata Hall), KC(Keating Centre), LIB(Library), MSB (Mount St. Bernard), MULH(Mulroney Hall), NT(Nicholson Tower), PS(Physical Science Complex), SCHW(Schwartz School of Business) SNP(St.Ninian Place). Courses with the section listed as .66, .67 will be offered by continuing educaton; .71 by distance nursing.