The StFX Observatory is located on West Street, just off University Avenue. It opened in 2018 and is mainly used for teaching, outreach, and student research projects. It houses the following instruments:

  • 28 cm (11”) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT), pier-mounted
  • 25 cm (10”) SCT, pier-mounted
  • 70 mm refractor
  • 60 mm H-alpha filtered refractor for solar observing
  • 33 cm (13”) Dobsonian

A small classroom, with washroom, is located nearby.

During fall 2018, the observatory will be open to the public on Monday and Wednesday night if the sky is sufficiently clear. Reliable information on the weather is normally only available 6-12 hours before an event. Please visit the Department's Facebook page for information on whether the observatory will be open. The tentative schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.

Help us celebrate NASA's International Observe the Moon night Saturday, October 20th 7:30-9 p.m. (weather permitting). 

This is an annual event to encourage people across the world to observe and appreciate the Moon, learn about NASA planetary science, and celebrate cultural connections to the Moon.  More information about the event is available at https://moon.nasa.gov/observe-the-moon/annual-event/overview/ .

We'll be observing the Moon on our regular Monday and Wednesday nights between Oct 15th and Oct 24th as part of this event.  Don't forget to check for weather updates before heading out to the observatory.

Events in the sky during the second half of October:

The Moon is full on Oct. 24th.  Last quarter is on the 31st.

Mars is bright in the south at dusk.  Saturn is in the southwest.  Jupiter is low in the southwest at sunset.  The Moon and Mars pair up on the 18th.  The Moon makes a close pass of the bright star Aldebaran on the 27th.

Some webpages of interest: 

Environment Canada cloud forecast

Sky and Telescope updates

Astronomical picture of the day

Observatory schedule for fall 2018:

September 17 8-9:30pm
September 24 8-9:30pm
September 26 8-9:30pm  (cancelled due to weather)
October 1 8-9:30pm (cancelled due to weather)
October 3 8-9:30pm (cancelled due to weather)
October 10 7:30-9pm (cancelled due to weather)
October 15 7:30-9pm
October 17 7:30-9pm
October 22 7:30-9pm
October 24 7:30-9pm
October 29 7:30-9pm
November 5 7-8:30pm
November 7 7-8:30pm
November 14 7-8:30pm
November 19 7-8:30pm
November 21 7-8:30pm
November 26 7-8:30pm
November 28 7-8:30pm