Colloquia 2012-2013

Unless otherwise noted, all colloquia take place at 4pm in PSC 3046.  Coffee/Tea, and usually doughnuts, are served at 3:45pm in PSC 3046.

Information for Speakers

September 21: Peter Marzlin will talk about The Higgs Boson
September 28: Jordan Kyriakidis (Dalhousie University) will talk about Adiabatic Quantum Computing
October 5: no talk (Thanksgiving weekend)
October 12: Kevin Hewitt will talk about Nanobiophotonics for Raman molecular imaging of cancer markers
October 19: Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) will talk about the Search for New Physics with Precision Electroweak Experiments
November 2: Geoffrey Maksym (Dalhousie University) will talk about Biomedical Engineering
November 16: John Whitehead (Memorial University) will talk about What is Kryder’s Law, why it matters and can it be sustained?
November 23: Zachary MacDonald and Thomas Lee (Honours talks)
January 18: Peter Marzlin will talk about The 2012 Physics Nobel Prize
February 1: no talk (AUPAC Moncton)
February 22: no talk (midterm recess)
March 1: no talk (midterm recess)
March 8: Viktor Khalack will talk about Chemically peculiar stars
March 27: Chris Wilson (U Waterloo) will talk about  Creating Light from the Vacuum: The Dynamical Casimir Effect. The talk will start at 4:30 pm. This talk is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Physicists.
April 5: Thomas Lee and Zachary MacDonald: Honours presentations
April 12: Luigi Gallo will talk about X-ray observations of active galaxies

Information on previous talks