Safety Programs and Safe Operating Procedures

Follow the links below to access StFX Safety Programs, including forms, hazard assessments and permits

Safety Absolutes

Confined Space Entry (Safety Absolute)
Confined Space Entry Program   Confined Space Entry Hazard Assessment   Confined Space Entry Permit

Fall Protection (Safety Absolute)
Fall Protection Program       Fall Protection Plan

Trenching & Excavation (Safety Absolute)
Trenching & Excavation Program       Excavation Hazard Assessment & Permit

Energy Isolation (Safety Absolute)
Energy Isolation Program       LOTO Log Form       Group LOTO Log Form

Hot Work
Hot Work Program (Interim Protocol to October 31, 2019)

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)
The following persons are authorized to operate StFX-owned MEWPs: Designated Competent Operators List
MEWP Program     Zoom Boom Inspection Checklist     Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist     One Man Lift Inspection Checklist

Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Program

Asbestos Management 
Asbestos Management Plan


Flagging & Barricading UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Respiratory Protection UNDER CONSTRUCTION


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If you have any questions about Occupational Health and Safety at StFX, please contact
Laurie Reid, OH&S Officer at 902 318 5309 or