Contractor Safety

At StFX we are committed to a Safe and Healthy workplace for all employees, including contractor employees.    

Contractor Safety Package

All businesses and individuals who are contracted to do work on our campus will complete a Contractor Safety Package, as it applies to the work they are doing.  Please ensure all applicable sections are complete and all attachments are included in your submission.

Contractor Safety Package PDF Fillable

Hazard Assessments

Project Hazard Assessments
A Project Hazard Assessment shall be completed for any project that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Duration more than one day
  • Subcontractors will be hired
  • Safety Absolutes or Critical Tasks are part of the Scope of Work.

During the course of a project, the Contractor Supervisor and the StFX management (or designate) shall, from time to time, review conditions on site and procedures in place. If changing conditions, or other factors, suggest that existing procedures may not be adequate then a mid-project Hazard Assessment may be conducted.  Ongoing hazard assessments will be conducted as site conditions change and are warranted, or at the request of StFX management.

Follow this link for a sample Project Hazard Assessment form

Field Level Risk Assessments
Every Contractor Employee must take part in a Daily Field Level Risk Assessment while working on our Campus.  The completed and signed FLRAs must be available on the work site for viewing by StFX management (or designate) upon request.  An FLRA is an evaluation that is completed prior to work commencing at a job site.  The assessment is designed to identify hazards / assess risks that are present due to site or equipment conditions, and control exposure to the hazards before the tasks begin for the day. 

Follow this link for a sample Field Level Risk Assessment form

Safety Programs

Contractors should be familiar with StFX safety programs that apply to the work being performed.  Permission from your StFX Representative is required before performing Safety Absolute or Hot Work tasks on StFX property.  

StFX Safety Programs

Safety Absolutes




If you have any questions about Occupational Health and Safety at StFX, please contact
Laurie Reid, OH&S Officer at 902 318 5309.


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