University Planning Committee

Disbanded March 1998, its mandate was transferred to the
Senate Academic Priorities and Planning Committee.

A Presidential advisory committee, established November, 1992 by the University President.
Faculty appointments to the committee were approved by the Senate November 2, 1992

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --

To advise the President on the elaboration and continuous updating of the Strategic Plan for St. Francis Xavier University, which was approved by the Board of Governors of the University in September 1992. The Committee will report on a regular basis to the Senate.

General Faculty Committee
‑ The University President as Chair
‑ The Academic Vice-President
‑ The Administrative Vice-President
‑ Two Presidential appointees
‑ three members of the Faculty, elected by the Senate
‑ one full‑time student appointed by the Students' Union

DATE: October
TERM: Three years (staggered terms)
NUMBER: Three faculty members

Sergei Aalto (term exp. 2000)
David Lynes (term exp. 1999)
Robert Madden (term exp. 1998)
Allan Stouffer (term exp. 1997)
Truis Smith-Palmer (term exp. 1997)
John Beck (term exp. 1996)
R. B. MacDonald (term exp. 1995)
Mo Fiaz (term exp. 1994)
Ellen MacFarlane (term exp. 1994) off
Ed McAlduff (term exp. 1993)

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Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: