Residence Life Committee

Disbanded, Mandate transferred to Quality of Life Committee


Mandate: Committee established by the President to report to him and to the Administrative Committee.

Function: To assess the current state of residence life and to make recommendations for improving the morale in residences in keeping with the directions already stated in the Community Code.

Structure: Committee made of members of the Student Services Department, Administration, Faculty, Students' Union, Residence Staff and student representatives. The Committee will be chaired by the Director of Student Services and membership on the Committee will be by invitation from the President.

Time-Frame: To present recommendations to the President and administrative Committee by December 1980.*

MEMBERS: (October 1980)

Jim McMullin [Chair]

Rev. Brian MacDonald Dean of Students

Mike Clorey S.U. Housing Commissioner

Linda Charlton Residence Director, Lane Hall

Rev. Gregory Campbell Chaplain

Grace Skogstad Political Science Dept.

Sr. Helen Aboud Nutrition & Consumer Studies Dept.

Dorothy Lander Manager of Residence & Food Service

James Healy S.U. President

Sr. Anne T. Gillis Residence Co-ordinator, M.S.B.

* President wishes to keep this committee structure in place for possible future use.

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