Research Development Committee

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --

Purpose: To advance scholarship at St. Francis Xavier University.

(a) The Committee shall be a Committee of the University Faculty.
(b) The Committee shall submit a written report on the previous year's activities and the plans for the coming year to the President of the University, and to the University Faculty at its winter meeting.
(c) The Committee shall be a policy and planning committee, and shall approve means to implement proposed programs within resources allocated.
(d) The Committee shall be made up of:
(i) Three members of the Faculty of Arts, elected by that faculty;
(ii) Three members of the Faculty of Science, elected by that Faculty;
(iii) The Academic Vice-President, ex officio.
(e) The Committee shall elect its own Chair for a two-year term.
(f) Terms of Appointment
(i) The Faculty member shall serve for three years, except that initially they shall be elected for staggered terms; all may be elected for one further term.
(ii) Elected Faculty members shall not concurrently be members of the Rank and Tenure Committee.

The functions of this Committee are to develop programs for Faculty who seek assistance in improving their research skills, to introduce new Faculty to the research support programs on campus, to update Faculty on policy changes of granting agencies, to assist Faculty in identifying sources of governmental and private funding for their research, to provide workshops and the other programs on enhancing grant writing skills, to work with the Public Relations office in developing a program of publicity for research activity and to work with the Development Office in identifying research initiatives for which external fund-raising activities a re to be conducted. The committee shall also review its own terms of reference biennially and make recommendations to faculty if changes are desired.

The Committee shall develop a rolling budget for the implementation of its programs for each of the ensuing three fiscal years, for discussion with and presentation to the Academic Vice-President. The Academic Vice-President shall then seek approval of the budget through the normal process.

MEMBERS: Faculty of Arts
John Edwards   (3 year term)  (term exp. 2002)
Nancy Forestell                       (term exp. 2001)
Gordon Hunter                        (term exp. 2001)
Marilyn Gerriets (1 year term) (term exp. 1997)
James Mensch  (2 year term)  (term exp. 1998)
Rod Haddow     (3 year term)  (term exp. 1999)

Faculty of Science

Judith Shaw                              (term exp. 2001)
David Garbary                          (term exp. 2001)
Deiter Klapstein                        (term exp. 2001)
Willie Quinn      (1 year term)    (term exp. 1997)
Barry Wallbank (2 year term)    (term exp. 1998)
Anthony Miller   (3 year term)    (term exp. 1999) off

Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: 

Committee Membership

Name Role Term Start End Comment
John Edwards N/a 3 Year 1999-10-01 2002-10-01 Faculty of Arts