Personnel Advisory Committee

To advise and make recommendations on all aspects regarding the administration of the Academic and Administrative Support Staff Personnel Manual.

a) To act as a means of communication between support staff and administration.
b) To provide a mechanism for handling of support staff grievances.
c) To make recommendations to administration on behalf of support staff in matters relating to conditions of employment.

‑ 5 support staff
‑ 3 members of the administration
‑ 1 chairperson

Election of Staff
‑ once every two years
‑ secret ballot
‑ person must be a full‑time employee with two years of service to be eligible to stand for election

Election Procedure
The elections are to be run by the Personnel Advisory Committee. Positions available on the Committee shall be publicised by means of bulletin boards, notices, and letters. The election shall be held two weeks after the posting of the notice. The Committee shall circulate the results of each election within two weeks of the ballot.

Election of Chairperson
The Chairperson of the Advisory Committee will be chosen by the elected members of that Committee from within the University community. The person so chosen may not be a member of the support staff or of the administration of the University. The tenure of the Chairperson shall be two years; the incumbent shall not be eligible for re‑election.

Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: