Pension Plan Committee

The terms of the pension plan arrangement (early 1980) with Confederation Life require that the university shall appoint a committee representative of the various groups of employees, which committee shall meet at least once in each Plan Year. The Board of Governors shall consult with the committee before making any amendments to the Plan. The committee may make recommendations to the Board concerning the Plan. The committee shall be entitled to receive the regular reports from the Trustees on the nature and extent of the investments, the regular reports on the financial operations of the Fund, and any report prepared by the Actuary on the Fund.

‑ Three faculty members appointed by the President (three year rotating terms)
‑ Two support staff members nominated by the Personnel Advisory Committee
‑ Two administrative personnel


David Lynes, Sociology/Anthropology
Douglas Brown Political Science
Lori Graham, Biology Department

Non-Union Staff
Iain Boyd, Director, Advancement Relations
Lisa Craig, Manager, Finance and Control
Shannon Morell, Registrar’s Office
Brenda McKenna, Library

Committee Executive
Ramsay Duff, Vice President, Finance and Operations (Chair)
Heather MacDougall, Director Human Resources (Vice-Chair)
Cathy Brown-MacLean, Benefits and Pension Specialist

Ramsay Duff - Vice President, Finance & Operation (Chair)
Heather MacDougall - Director Human Resources (Vice-Chair)
Cathy Brown MacLean - Benefits & Pension Specialist
Brenda McKenna
Shannon Morell
Lisa Craig
Iain Boyd
Lori Graham - Faculty
Douglas Brown - Faculty
David Lynes - Faculty

Leo Gallant
Peter Henke - August 31, 2000
Winston Jackson - August 31, 2000
Marilyn Gerriets - August 31, 1997
Clive Gilson - August 31, 1995
Sandy MacEachern - August 31, 1995
Ellen MacFarlane - August 31, 1993

Support Staff
Jean MacInnis
Rita Murray
Anne Marie MacPherson

Mary Jessie MacLellan
Ivy Green

Administrative Personnel
Vice‑President Administration, J. Thomas Langley [Chair]
Personnel Officer, G. Bev Frizzle [Secretary]

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Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: