Grievance and Appeals Committee

(Section 2, Faculty Handbook)
This committee is disbanded with the first collective agreement between the board of governors of St. Francis Xavier University and the St. Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers - July 1, 2006

The University Grievance and Appeals Committee shall be a Standing Committee of the University Faculty.

As described in Faculty Handbook, Section 2.3.

Seven members of the Faculty elected for a one‑year term of office as constituted by the University Faculty at its meeting of December 14, 1971.
Committee was reconstituted by Senate, 29 November 1976, its members being elected for two years so that half the Committee is elected each year.
Members of the Executive of the St. F. X. Association of University Teachers and the Rank and Tenure Committee shall not be eligible to serve on this Committee in any capacity.
From among its members it shall elect a Chair and a Secretary. No member may serve consecutive terms.
The Committee shall not include fewer than three members from each faculty and not more than one from any single department.

DATE: Second meeting, c. October 15
TERM: two years
NUMBER: Seven members

NOTE: No member may serve consecutive terms. Members of ST. F. X. A.U.T. executive committee and members of the Rank and Tenure Committee are ineligible to serve on this committee.

Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: 

Committee Membership

Name Role Term Start End Comment
Truis Smith-Palmer N/a 2 Year 2000-10-01 2002-10-01
Lori Graham N/a 2 Year 2000-10-01 2002-10-01
Robert MacMillan N/a 2 Year 2000-10-01 2002-10-01