Discipline Committee

Discipline shall be under the supervision of a Discipline Committee and an Appeals Committee.

(a)       The Discipline Committee shall consist of:

  • three (3) full time students appointed by the Director of Student Life, in consultation with the Students’ Union, for a term of one year, with eligibility for reappointment;
  • two full time (2) Faculty members elected by Senate for a term of three (3) years. No Faculty member may serve more than two (2) full terms consecutively;
  • one (1) staff member appointed by the President;
  • the Vice President, Students or designate.

(b)        The Discipline Committee is responsible to adjudicate all complaints involving breaches of discipline by students referred by the Director of Student Life.

(c)        The Discipline Committee shall have authority to make all findings of responsibility and shall have authority to apply all sentencing outcomes listed in Section 18 of the Code.

(d)        The Discipline Committee shall elect a Chair, who shall be a staff member or Faculty member of the Discipline Committee.

(e)        Quorum for any sitting of the Discipline Committee shall consist of four members, which must include two student members. One of the qualifying members shall sit as Chair, if the regular Chair is not present.

(f)        Any student before the Discipline Committee shall be entitled, at the student’s option, to be represented and assisted by a Student Advocate.


(a)        In the event there are insufficient members available to constitute a quorum for any adjudicative body, the appointing authority may appoint a temporary substitute.

(b)        No person shall be eligible to sit on the Discipline Committee at the same time as that person is a member of the Appeals Committee, for the same case.


DATE: April

TERM: 3 year term

NUMBER: 2 Faculty members


Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: 

Committee Membership

Name Role Term Start End Comment
Jake Hanlon N/a 3 Year 2021-01-01 2023-12-31 Faculty of Arts
Ted Wright N/a 3 Year 2020-02-04 2022-12-30 Faculty of Arts
Sionnach Lukeman N/a 3 Year 2017-04-01 2020-12-31 Faculty of Science
Janet Purvis N/a 1 Year 2018-10-01 2019-12-31 Faculty of Science
Ingrid Robinson N/a 3 Year 2016-11-01 2019-12-31 Faculty of Education
Cathy MacDonald N/a 3 Year 2014-10-01 2017-05-01
James Cormier N/a 3 Year 2014-09-01 2016-10-01 Resigned
David Lynes N/a 2 Year 2012-10-01 2014-10-01
Marian MacLellan N/a 3 Year 2012-10-01 2014-08-01
Youngwon Cho N/a 3 Year 2009-10-01 2012-10-01
James Cormier N/a 3 Year 2009-10-01 2012-10-01
James Cormier N/a 3 Year 2014-09-01