Animal Care Committee

The Animal Care Committee ensures Canadian Council on Animal Care regulations are followed with respect to both animal care and animal use protocols in both teaching and research at StFX.

Minimum membership includes:

1. Two faculty members who use animals in either teaching or research (3 year appointments, renewable once)

2. One faculty member who does not use animals in either teaching or research (3 year appointment, renewable once)

3. One veterinarian

The Antigonish Review

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --

The University is committed to assist in the continued publication of the Review. This commitment is to be expressed in terms of dollars budgeted in any given fiscal year, relief time from teaching duties awarded to the Editor and the provision of secretarial assistance. All other overheads associated with space, heat, light and power are also to be borne by the University.

The following procedures are to govern the operation of The Antigonish Review beginning in April 1, 1986.


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