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Faculty of Arts Officers

The Faculty of Arts is obliged to meet at least twice during the academic year.

a   Quorum for meetings is 15% of the full-time members of the Faculty of Arts.

b  All full-time teaching faculty in the Faculty of Arts are members.

c   It is useful to schedule meetings at times when elections need to be held. Communication with CON, therefore, is useful for scheduling meetings. Typically, a meeting for elections is needed in late April or early May each year.

Committee on Studies - Faculty of Arts

(By‑Laws, Part 2, Section 7, Article l, ll.)

FACULTY OF ARTS For each Faculty, there shall be established a Committee on Studies composed of seven members.

Each Committee on Studies shall be composed of:

1. The Dean of Faculty [ex officio];

2. Four (4) members of the Committee elected by their own faculty to serve three‑year terms;

3. Two (2) students.

A Committee member who has just completed three years of service shall be ineligible for immediate re‑election.


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