The Art Gallery Committee

 The Committee was appointed by the President in November 1985 and consists of the following members:

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --

The president of the university shall appoint the chair and the board members. The board of directors shall consist of 13 members including five ex officio members, three faculty members, and five members from the community. The five ex officio members are the academic vice-president, chair of the Department of Fine Arts, a representative from the development department, the art gallery director, and a representative from the St. F.X. Students' Union. Board appointments shall be three years long and may be renewed once. One year must lapse after two terms before a member may be reappointed. A nominations committee comprised of the Chair of the Art Gallery Board, the board representative from the Development Department and one other selected from the board will bring forward a slate of nominees for the new members or reappointments, for the board’s review. Following the review, a recommendation shall be made to the president of the University with respect to appointments.

The art gallery board of directors shall advise and report to the president. The board shall advise the director of the art gallery regarding its operation and its program and regarding maintenance and supervision of the university art collection. The board shall also determine policy, and be responsible for fund raising and for relationships between the gallery and the university, surrounding communities, and government.

Current Board

Regular Board Members are eligible to serve 2 consecutive, 3-year terms. Traditionally the Student Union Appointees only serve for the academic year in which they have been appointed.

Five ex-officio

Academic Vice President: Mary McGillivray
Chair of the Department of Art: Iris Roach
Representative from Development: Linda Henke
Art Gallery Director: Bruce Campbell
Student Union: Rose Murphy

Faculty Members

1. Sharon Gregory. First 3 year term ends October 18, 2007
2. Robert Zecker. First 3 year term ends October 18, 2007
3. Dorothy Lander. First 3 year term ends January 12, 2009

Community Members

1. Minoli Amit. Second 3 year term ends January 1, 2008.
2. Michel deNoncourt. Second 3 year term ends January 1, 2008.
3. Tila Kellman. First 3 year term ends October 18, 2007
4. Felicity Redgrave. First 3 year term ends October 18, 2007
5. Patricia Gaines. First 3 year term ends October 18, 2007
6. William Rogers. First 3 year term ends October 18, 2007

Current Committees: Committee Members appointed from outside of the Board serve for 1 year terms.

Acquisitions Committee: Ms. Linda Henke, Assistant Prof. Iris Roach, Mr. Bruce Campbell, Dr. Minoli Amit, and Dr. Tila Kellman.

Exhibition Committee: Assistant Prof. Iris Roach, Mr. Bruce Campbell, M. Michel deNoncourt, Dr. Sharon Gregory, Dr. Tila Kellman, Ms Felicity Redgrave, Mr. Bill Rogers, and Dr. Robert Zecker.

Nomination and Financial Committee: Ms. Linda Henke, Mr. Bruce Campbell, Dr. Mary McGillivray

ad hoc Committees are stuck on a need basis i.e. Special Events

Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: 

Committee Membership

Name Role Term Start End Comment
Dorothy Lander N/a 3 Year 2006-10-01 2009-10-01
Sharon Gregory N/a 3 Year 2004-10-01 2007-10-01
Robert Zecker N/a 3 Year 2004-10-01 2007-10-01