Antigonish Performing Arts Committee

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --

To encourage interest within the university and the community in fine arts by arranging the Performing Arts Series of visiting artists. This annual series may include performances in music, drama and dance, although each of the three areas need not be represented in any given year.

There shall be nine appointed and two ex officio members. The appointed members shall include: two students appointed by the President of the Students' Union on the advice of the Performing Arts Committee; three faculty members appointed by the Academic Vice-President on the advice of the Committee; three representatives of the community appointed by the Chair of the Antigonish Performing Arts Committee on the advice of the Committee; and one representative of the President's Office, appointed by the President of the University. The ex officio members shall include the Activities Commissioner of the Student's Union and the Administrator of Students' Union Services.

All members shall hold office for one year except for the faculty members and the community members who shall hold office for three years on a rotating basis of appointment. All members may be reappointed.

John O'Donnell (Chair)
John MacPherson
Addy Doucette
Ursula Fabijancic
Michael Steinitz .
Sarkis Hamboyan
Brent Bannerman
Mary McGillivray
Sister Rodriguez Steel, Bethany
William Marshall
Robert Murray
Hubert Spekkens
Kent Young
Allyn Genge
William Crispo
Nikki Robar (Student Union Secretary-Treasurer)
Pierre LeBlanc (S.U.. President)
John Beaton (Administrator of S.U.)
Jeff Pike (Activities Commissioner, S.U.)

Ursula Fabijancic off
Tiiu Poder off
Hubert Spekkens
Anne Thaler off
Mary McGillivray
Michael Steinitz (Chair)

Community representatives
Robert Murray
Judith Pink
Martin Alpert
Brian G. Segal

Ex officio
Student Union Activities Commissioner

Interested supporters
Tiiu Poder
Minoli Amit
Catherine Rancy
Karen Neal (off)
Anne Thaler

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