Affirmative Action Advisory Council

- Inactive (2009-04-06) --

Established by Memorandum of Understanding signed by the University and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission on December 5, 1980 ‑ re: Policy on Human Rights and Affirmative Action.


The Council shall advise and recommend to the President on policy matters relating to Affirmative Action Programs. The Council may seek assistance, except in the case of faculty positions, from the Human Rights Commission regarding the application of group inventories to projected needs. The Council shall periodically review projections and inventories and the extent to which imbalances have been corrected by these procedures.


The Chairperson shall be elected at the first meeting of the Advisory Council. The Council as first established shall set regulations as to rotation of membership, quorum, etc. The terms of office shall be one or three years for all council members.


‑ 2 members appointed by University Faculty
‑ 1 C.B.R.T. member appointed by its executive
‑ 1 C.U.P.E. member appointed by its executive
‑ 2 members representing visible minorities and women recommended by The Antigonish Human Rights Affirmative Action Committee
‑ 2 members appointed by the President
‑ 1 student appointed by the Student Council
‑ 1 member nominated by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
‑ 1 member from the University office support staff elected by the Personnel Advisory Committee

ELECTED BY: University Faculty
DATE: October meeting of Faculty
TERM: One to three years

Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: