Practical Information

Practical Information

Travel Information
St. Francis Xavier University is a mainly undergraduate university with about 4000 students. It is located in the town of Antigonish in North Eastern Nova Scotia.  Halifax International Airport is the nearest airport which is about a two hour drive away.  There is a daily bus from the airport to Antigonish but renting a car at the airport will probably prove more convenient.   

Local Information
The town of Antigonish has a population of 5000 and offers many amenities that one would normally find only in larger towns and cities. Due to its small size, one can reach virtually everything in town within a 10-20 minute walk. If you require local transportation, a community bus is available, or you can take a taxi.

Tartan Taxi: 902-872-0720
Student Taxi: 902-863-2122
Mac's Taxi: 902-863-8000
Note that you have to dial 902 even for local calls.

Antigonish offers a number of restaurants in all price ranges. Many fast-food restaurants can be found on James Street, a short walk from the residences. Besides a large number of family restaurants and pizzerias, there are also some restaurants for fine dining and specialized food. This includes

All these restaurants are located on, or close to, Main Street.

list of events is available on the town's web page. Apart from this, there is a movie theatre on Main Street. If you like having a stroll, we recommend Antigonish Landing, which is host to wildlife such as bald eagles and ospreys.

There are many shops on Main Street that offer everything from souvenirs and local art to some grocery shopping. There are two major shopping centres: the Antigonish Mall and the shopping complex on Market Street.

Emergency Services
St. Martha's Regional Hospital provides medical emergency services. There is also an After Hours Clinic available at the Mediplex. There are several dental clinics available in town that can be contacted in case of an emergency.