Math, Stats and CSCI Tutors

Math, Stats and CSCI Tutors

The following is a list of students who are willing to tutor. You should either call or email to see if the tutor would have some time available for you. Reminder that this service is not free of charge. The fee is decided upon by the tutor/student. 

Please see bottom of this page for additional help options. 

 Tutors for 2018/19 term: (please check back as this page will be constantly updated)

Name: Email: Courses willing to tutor in:
Matt Dickson Stat 101
Jessica Stewart Stat 101
Larissa White Stat 101
Isaac Bezanson Stat 101
Harshith Maruthi Reddy Stat 101
Ally Hancock Calc I/II, Math 105, High School level
Meaghan MacDonald Calc I/II, Chem 100, High School level
Jacob Dern Engr 198, CSCI 161
Alexandre Parent C++ courses (first year), CSCI 161/162
Sean Rowley Calc I/II, CSCI 161, Math 253, 254, 277, 347, 354
Prahar Ijner CSCI 128, 162, 162, Calc I/II
Thomas Spagnuolo Calc I/II, Engr/Stat 224, Math/Engr 221
Isabel Stordy Math 105, Macroeconomics
Graeme Watt Math 105, Stat 101
Samantha Bardwell Calc I/II, Math 253, 254, 267, 277
Maggie MacPhee Calc I/II
Vanessa Bird Math 105
Chelsea MacDonald Math 105, Stat 101
Alex Redelmeier Calc I/II


For assistance with your Business courses, please contact the Schwartz Business Society through the following site: 

For FREE tutoring, the following services are available: The department conducts a Math, Stats and Computer Science Learning Center. The hours can be found at the following website: learning-centre

Also, there is a weekly tutorial on Monday evenings. More information can be found at the following website: math-stats-and-csci-tutorials (the tutorials are held at 6:00PM-8:00PM MONDAY evenings in the SCHW256).