Why Study German?

10 Reasons Why to Learn German

  1. More than 120 Million people worldwide are learning German. With the extension of the European Union it will be even more. German is the most frequently spoken native language in Europe
  2. Germany is one of the most important trading partners for almost all European and many of the non-European countries. Germany is the third largest industry nation in the world. To speak German improves business relationships with partners of the third largest industrial nation.
  3. Anyone interested in literature cannot avoid German. Over 60 Million books are published in German every year. Goethe Schiller, Brecht, Hesse, Zweig, Grass, Rilke are only a few names to mention
  4. Every year more people from Germany are visiting Canada, Knowledge of German is a great advantage for people working in the tourism industry.
  5. German is the most commonly spoken language in Europe. To have knowledge of the language prepares you for Europe. You gain access to an important intellectual, economic and cultural historic area of Central Europe.
  6. In the fields of science you will find access to a whole world of research findings in all areas of modern science. Scientist of German-speaking countries have one more that 21 Nobel prizes in Physics, 30 in Chemistry and 25 in Medicine. Many other Nobel prizes winners were educated at German universities.
  7. In some occupations a second language like German will be useful, for professions like diplomat, travel agent, custom inspector, hotel manager.
  8. Knowledge of the German language improves your chances on the job market.
  9. If you travel to Germany and you speak German, it will be easier for you to know Germans better and get a better insight in their history and culture.
  10. Knowledge of German opens the door to the birthplace of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Goether, Freud, Einstein, Marx.