Transforming Teaching Using Technology & Digital Resources

Modern technologies afford the opportunity to personalize and transform learning experiences inside and outside our classrooms—not just for students, but also for their teachers. Research shows that through the effective use of technology, learning can be deepened and enhanced, supporting the components of 21st century learning. When ubiquitous technology supports curricular goals and when it is used to its maximum potential, student performance can be enhanced.

This cohort is designed for educators to explore technological options for teaching and learning, to consider their effective implementation, and to assess how their implementation impacts teaching and learning in today’s classrooms. As blended and online teaching continues to transform learning, there is an increased need for educators who are adept at navigating virtual spaces and technology and digital tools. This degree aligns with key components of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s commitment to preparing students for future opportunities in a digital age and will appeal to educators who wish to increase their own digital competencies and to know how to apply that learning in their classrooms. 

Transforming Teaching Using Technology & Digital Resources Cohort 1
(Fall 2015 - Winter 2018)