Liaison Librarians

A Liaison Librarian is assigned to each department to:

  • oversee the acquisition of relevant materials;
  • provide information literacy instruction;
  • support the faculty and students in their teaching, learning and research needs; and
  • help students and faculty from that department navigate the library’s resources and services.

A Library Representative (a faculty member from that department) communicates regularly with the Liaison Librarian and approves acquisition requests from faculty for new library materials.

Department Library Representative Liaison Librarian
Adult Education Nancy Peters    Meghan Landry
Anthropology Jane McMillan Meghan Landry
Aquatic Resources Lynn Patterson Meghan Landry
Art Sharon Gregory Margaret Vail
Biology Tamara Rodela   Carolyn DeLorey
Business: Accounting & Finance Bhavik Parikh Carolyn DeLorey
Business: Management Shelley Price Carolyn DeLorey
Business: Marketing & Enterprise Systems Bhasker Mukerji Carolyn DeLorey
Canadian Studies (vacant) Carolyn DeLorey
Catholic Studies Jean Guy Lalande Laurinda Matheson
Celtic Studies Michael Linkletter Laurinda Matheson
Chemistry Manuel Aquino Carolyn DeLorey
Classical Studies Doug Al-Maini Laurinda Matheson
Development Studies Santo Dodaro Meghan Landry
Earth Sciences Alan Anderson Carolyn DeLorey
Economics Greg Tkacz Meghan Landry
Education Chris Gilham Meghan Landry
Engineering Emeka Oguejiofor    Carolyn DeLorey
English Michael D'Arcy Laurinda Matheson
History Bob Zecker Margaret Vail
Human Kinetics Ornella Nzindukiyimana Margaret Vail
Human Nutrition Patricia Mazier Carolyn DeLorey
Mathematics, Science and Computer Science Tharshanna Nadarajah Margaret Vail
Modern Languages Réjeanne LeBlanc Laurinda Matheson
Music Paul Tynan Margaret Vail
Nursing Debra Sheppard-LeMoine Laurinda Matheson
Philosophy Will Sweet Laurinda Matheson
Physics Karl-Peter Marzlin Carolyn DeLorey
Political Science Jeff Spring Margaret Vail
Psychology Karen Blair Carolyn DeLorey
Religious Studies Ken Penner Laurinda Matheson
Sociology Patricia Cormack Meghan Landry
Women's and Gender Studies Rachel Hurst Meghan Landry


Library News

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Tue, March, 19, 2019

Please be advised that Google Scholar is not working for off-campus users when accessed via the the Angus L. MacDonald Library website.  Off-campus users will not see the “Check for full text @ X” link, however... Read more