Guide for Prospective Donors

The collection at the Angus L. Macdonald Library has been enhanced over the years by generous gifts, donations and bequests from alumni, faculty and friends of St. Francis Xavier University. Monetary gifts/donations are always welcome, and can be used to target specific areas of the collection. It has become difficult for the library to accept non-monetary gifts such as books and AV material due to space and staff constraints. The selection of such gifts and donations is governed by the same criteria used for purchasing library materials, as noted in the Collection Policy.

Prospective donors must provide a list of titles to be donated, including names of authors and publication dates. If this is not possible due to extenuating circumstances, the library may accept the donation but will only retain what is considered appropriate for the collection.

Gifts/donations are accepted with the understanding that the library will make the final decision on the retention, processing and storing of material. Items deemed inappropriate for the collection will either be (a) returned to the donor if desired (at the donor's expense); or (b) sold for the library's benefit; or (c) offered to others; or (d) recycled.

The library will not normally accept donations with conditions and/or access restrictions.

In keeping with Revenue Canada stipulations, the library will appraise donations of up to $1,000. Appraisal of donations which exceed this amount are the responsibility of the donor, and must be performed by a recognized, qualified appraiser. Supporting documents must accompany such donations.

Please note that receipts will only be issued for items that are retained, and that no receipts will be issued for items of less than $10.00. Donors requiring a tax receipt must provide the library with complete contact information.

The library has a special bookplate for use on donations. The donor's name may be included, if so desired. Please notify the Collection Librarian if you want your name on the bookplate(s).

For further information, please contact:

Carolyn DeLorey

Library Office