Do's and Don'ts

Check Mark Do X Don't
Small Check Mark Set your phone to vibrate Small Check Mark Disturb others with loud telephone conversations
Small Check Mark Bring drinks in covered containers Small Check Mark Bring food or open drink to the library
Small Check Mark Make use of our Study Rooms for group discussions Small Check Mark Disturb others with loud group discussions
Small Check Mark Keep your valuables with you at all times Small Check Mark Leave your valuables unattended
Small Check Mark Make use of our recycle containers at the main entrance Small Check Mark Leave your trash for others to pick up
Small Check Mark Gather items and exit building when closing bell sounds Small Check Mark Leave items behind to "save" seating for next day
Small Check Mark Use personal memory sticks or thumb drives to save your documents Small Check Mark Download software onto library computers
Small Check Mark Ask staff about payment options to allow you to maintain your borrowing privileges Small Check Mark Allow overdue fees/lost books to get out of hand
Small Check Mark Ask for help. Library personnel are here to assist you Small Check Mark Wander around lost hoping you will find what you need
Small Check Mark Speak with library staff if you have any concerns or questions Small Check Mark Put up with loud or disturbing behaviour
Small Check Mark Evacuate the building if the fire alarm sounds  Small Check Mark Ignore the fire alarm



Library News

Wed, April, 24, 2019

In an effort to provide a higher level of service to our patrons, the Angus L. Macdonald would like to inform all users that our hours of operation for 2019-20 will change for each academic semester, effective... Read more

Tue, March, 19, 2019

Please be advised that Google Scholar is not working for off-campus users when accessed via the the Angus L. MacDonald Library website.  Off-campus users will not see the “Check for full text @ X” link, however... Read more

Wed, January, 16, 2019

Please note that there in no access to Gael Stream at this time.  Access to other digital collections is also limited in certain cases.  IT Services and our external hosts are working to repair the issue... Read more