Q: What can I copy and share with my research partners?

A: Under Fair Dealing, you may copy a work for the purposes of research, private study, etc. provided that the use is "fair".


Q: What copyright issues should I be aware of when publishing in journals?

A: Content forthcoming


Q: What copyright issues should I be aware of when publishing in books?

A: Content forthcoming


Q: Who owns copyright in scholarly work? 

A: Copyright for scholarly work, such as academic papers, is initially held by the author. However, authors are commonly asked to agree to a copyright transfer to the publisher when their work is accepted for publication. Each copyright transfer varies in the degree of rights given to the publisher, and what rights are retained by the author, and those rights may be negotiated.


Terms relating to copyright ownership and use of materials created by faculty are set out in Article 2.11 (3.0), Works, of the StFX AUT Collective Agreement.


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