General Information FAQs


What are the copyright laws and rules that apply at StFX?

What does copyright cover?

How long does copyright last?

How does copyright work internationally?

How is copyright different in the United States?

What is fair dealing?

What is meant by public domain?

Who owns copyright in scholarly work?


Copying on Campus

What can be copied?

How much copyrighted material can be copied?

What are the consequences if I violate copyright? Can I go to jail?

Am I permitted to copy music scores?

Am I permitted to copy government documents?

Is there anywhere I can go to get free images, music, and other copyrighted materials?

Is it permissible to share copyrighted materials on my website?


In the Classroom

May I copy a page/pages, chapter/chapters, or diagram/diagrams from a textbook to share with my class?

May I use copyrighted images and materials in PowerPoint presentations or overhead  projections?

May I distribute photocopied journals articles in class?

May I email copyrighted material to students?

May I play copyrighted music in class?

May I show a film in class? 

May I show a television program in class?

May I show YouTube videos in class?

May I reformat a video/film into a digital format for presentation or distribution?

Is it permissible for students to use copyrighted materials in assignments and presentations?

Are there any exceptions to copyright rules for sharing materials with students with perceptual disabilities?

Are there copyright-free educational materials I may use in the classroom?

If I have adopted a text book for my class, what are the options for making it available to my students?

Do the same copyright rules that apply in my classroom also apply in Moodle?


In Moodle

May I post copyrighted material in Moodle? (journal articles, book chapters, images, etc.)

May I post my PowerPoint presentations in Moodle?

May I use Internet material for educational purposes? (Images, content copy/paste vs. links)

May I post a student’s work in Moodle or on my personal website?

Do the same copyright rules that apply in my classroom also apply in Moodle?


In the Library 

May I link to full-text resources from the Library, such as e-journals and e-books?

What is a persistent link?

Do we have online Reserves?

If an article is available from one of our e-journals, may I place a physical copy on Reserve?

What kind of print materials will the Library accept for Reserve?

May I place sound recordings on Reserve?

How many copies of an item may I place on Reserve?

As a student, am I permitted to copy articles my instructor has placed on Reserve?

Where can I learn more about Library Reserves?

May I ask the Library to send me e-copies of articles using Interlibrary Loan?

As a student, if I receive an e-copy of an article, am I permitted to give it to a third party?


Course Packs

What is a course pack?

What are the guidelines for using course packs at StFX?

How do I obtain permission to use copyrighted materials in course packs?

What are the course pack fees for copyrighted materials?

Are there any alternatives to using course packs?



What can I copy and share with my research partners?

What copyright issues should I be aware of when publishing in journals?

What copyright issues should I be aware of when publishing in books?

Who owns copyright in scholarly work?


Screening Films Outside the Classroom

Do I need a special permission or license to screen a film outside the classroom?

What makes a screening "educational"?

What if the film is in the public domain?


Teaching Online

What do I need to know about copyright in the online teaching environment?


Library News

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The Angus L. Macdonald Library is excited to announce the removal of late fees on all materials and equipment in our collection effective immediately.  Late fees have also been eliminated on items borrowed from... Read more