Dietetic Internships

StFX's Integrated Dietetic Internship (IDI) Program



What is a Dietitian?
A dietitian is a health professional with knowledge in food and nutrition that counsels and supports clients to facilitate change in a person’s diet. Dietitians work in many settings, including clinical settings, as a policy maker, within the community, within a foodservice system, as a researcher, or as an educator. Dietitians have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition, an accredited dietetic internship program, and then successfully completed the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE). Dietitians must be registered with their provincial regulatory body, such as the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association (NSDA) in order to practice.


What are the available routes to earn the necessary competencies to become a dietitian?

1. The StFX Integrated Dietetic Internship Program (IDI)
This program provides students in the Human Nutrition degree program with an opportunity to gain experience in the field of dietetics with a wide range of professionals working in different areas of dietetic practice. The IDI program normally starts the summer after the completion of the third year of study, then continues after graduation in the spring and then fall terms.

2. Dietetic Practicum Programs (after StFX)
Dietetic Practicum Programs take place following graduation from the BSc in Human Nutrition. Programs are located in Atlantic Canada (Moncton, Halifax, St John’s), in Ontario and Manitoba.  Applicants should consider the uniqueness of each program (based on personal interests) and the individual program entry requirements when applying.  Contact Laura Reid, Dietetic Educator to learn more about this option.

3. Master’s Programs with Internship
Master’s Programs with Internship are offered at several universities, including Mount Saint Vincent University, Memorial University, University of Toronto, Ryerson, University of Guelph, and others.   Once accepted, students complete the course-based material for their master’s degree and internship requirements.