Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health

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The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health is a four-year degree that takes an interdisciplinary approach to health and draws on scientific, social and humanistic knowledge. Students will embark on a path that will help them discover that health is about more than not being sick, that how we think about health has changed, and that much of health is determined by factors outside of ourselves and our physiology. After four years, students will have completed a host of core and designated courses.
The first year of the program is a foundation year consisting of introductory courses in Science and Arts. Students will take PSYC 100- Introduction to Psychology, BIOL 111- Cell Biology, BIOL 112- Diversity of Life, CHEM 100- General Chemistry, SOCI 101- Foundations of Sociology, SOCI 102- Issues in Contemporary Sociology, as well as their two core courses in Health. As they progress through the program, students will focus their studies by choosing to complete either a Biomedical or Social Determinants and Health Equity Concentration, in addition to taking courses in Health Humanities. During each of the four years, students will also take two core health courses together, and in their fourth year, students will complete a project aimed at addressing a health-related issue.

Want to see what courses you might end up taking in the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health?

Here is sample Biomedical pre-med yearly program progression and a

sample of Social Determinants and Health Equity yearly program progression.

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As a student, I am thrilled that the BASc in Health passed Senate and will come into reality next year. Coming into StFX, I knew that I wanted to go into medical school, but also wanted to keep up my writing and social science learning as well. This degree would have been perfect for me, and especially with the recent changes to the MCAT (the test for medical school admission), it provides a more nuanced and well-rounded idea of what health really means.
- Ryley Erickson, Vice President Academic, Student's Union

The new program sounds amazing. I would have loved doing a degree with a health focus.
-Dr. Kimberley Aucoin, MD, StFX Class of 2011