2-year Special Concentration in Forensic Psychology

Admission Requirements

Applications will be accepted from students who meet the admission criteria. These critera include a minimum average of 70% for the first two years of studies, and a grade of 70% in each Psychology course. If accepted into the Special Concentration, the student will be required to maintain an average of 75% in each year of the Special Concentration and a minimum grade of 70% in each Psychology course.

Admission of students to the Special Concentration will occur on a competitive basis. It is estimated that 6 to 10 students per year will be accepted into the Special Concentration. All applications are reviewed by the Special Concentration Selection Committee. Acceptance is based on both academic performance and possession of interpersonal skills suitable for work with forensic staff and populations.


  • PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology (6 credits)
  • PSYC 290: Research Methods and Statistics (6 credits)
  • One of PSYC 210, 220, 225, 230 (6 credits)

    Application Process

    Typically, a student would apply for the Special Concentration in Forensic Psychology at the end of his or her second year of study. Students interested in applying for the Special Concentration and meet the admission requirements should include the following in their application package:

    1. A one-two page cover letter that includes: student name, student ID, statement of interest, and reason for applying. This letter should be well written and formatted.
    2. Curriculum vitae (academic resume) or work resume.
    3. Unofficial transcript.
    4. Refer to the Dean of Arts website for link to student resources (i.e., Major, Advanced Major, and Honours declaration forms for both BA and BA with Special Concentration in Forensic Psychology). Please include both completed forms in your application package.

        Link to Declaration Forms

    Please send your application package to:

    Selection Committee
    c/o Administrative Assistant (Marion Stewart-MacDonald)
    St. Francis Xavier University
    Antigonish, NS, B2G 2W5