Workflow Groups and Approvals

Workflow Group Delegates and Accounts

The Workflow Group Delegates and Accounts report was created to provide continuous reporting of the current delegates of the Spending Authority Policy. The financial system will send email approval requests to the individuals identified in the appropriate responsibility part depending on the dollar limit of the spending request. The responsibility parts used in assigning purchase authority from highest to lowest are Operation Groups, Divisions and Departments.

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*Use of Internet Explorer is recommended for optimal Cognos BI Reporting.

Login Instructions
To access the report you will be required to login using your webfx authentication credentials. Cognos requires the username to include the domain as a prefix (webfx\username). 

Login Instructions (connecting from Off Campus)
Connecting to the StFX Finance Reporting Servers from off campus requires that a VPN connection be established to the university first. Once the VPN connection is made the user should be able to connect and logon to the reporting server. For more information on setting up a VPN connection please see the IT Services - Guides and Tutorials - Connecting Remotely