Reporting Portal

StFX Financial Account Reporting Portal

The University has adopted Cognos Business Insight as its primary financial reporting platform. The reporting platform will facilitate the creation and maintenance of a wide range of reports, and allow StFX to provide more relevant financial information in the years to come.

Reports relevant to large segments of the campus community will be published within this reporting portal.  Business Office - Budget - Monthly Departmental Statements have been replaces with SmartFilter Reports and Management Financial Reports.

The SmartFilter Report suite has been developed to provide financial reporting consistent with the existing mesAmis departmental financial statements to assist in the transition to our new accounting platform.

Chart of Account Revisions 
Many accounts have been revised to improve our reporting capabilities, and remove existing reporting constraints.  The most notable change was the creation of a new ledger to accommodate our expanding number of research and project accounts.

Refer to the Chart of Account Review page for more details on its impact to research, Coady Institute, Extension Department and project accounts.