Reporting Help

The purpose of this section is to provide a collection of answers to frequently asked questions.

If you wish to send along a question, please don't hesitate to send us an email.

Accessibility Questions

Question Response
Why am I having trouble logging in? To access Cognos reports you will be required to login using your webfx authentication credentials (your Office 365 password). 

Cognos requires the username to include the domain as a prefix (webfx\username). 

If your password was populated by a value saved by your browser, manually enter your current password to ensure the up to date password is used.

Verify that pop-up blockers are not enabled for this site. You can do this by including to your trusted sites.

If your user account is preventing a successful login, please contact us by email.

Which browsers are best for Cognos reporting?  Cognos functions most reliably with browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 

Safari is known to have difficulty exporting reports to Excel.

Drill down reports and Excel reports are not opening? Pop up blockers commonly affect Cognos reporting effectiveness. Ensure that your pop up blocker includes as a safe site.

If you continue to have problems, try an alternative browser.

Using Cognos Prompts and Features

Question Response
How to return to change report prompt criteria. Cognos reporting cannot always process the use of the browser back button correctly, we recommend any of the following options:
  • To return to the report prompt menu, use the Reset report hyperlink when available to re-open a brand new session of the report.
  • To return to the report prompt menu to edit existing prompts use the blue play button log   in the upper right hand corner of the report page.
  • If you commonly use specific reports, consider saving the prompt page as a bookmark or favourite in your browser.
How to export a Cognos report output to Excel or PDF


To export your report output to an external file, select the export button  in the upper right hand corner of the report page.

Select the desired file output. The two most common export formats are View in Excel 2007 Format which exports an Excel file most closely resembling the report output and View in Excel 2007 Data which does not preserve report formatting.

Common issues exporting to excel include: 

  • Safari is known to have difficulty exporting reports to Excel.
  • Attempting to open a new Excel file while an identically named Excel file remains open.
  • 3rd Party Pop up blockers may interfere with the export process, you may be required to add as a safe site, or adjust the settings of your pop up blocker to export to Excel.