Chart of Accounts Review

Chart of Accounts Review
The finance office has comprehensively reviewed its chart of account structure to improve reporting capabilities. As a result, a large number of 5 digit (AAAAA) accounts will be converted to 8 character projects accpimts. The new 8 character accounts incorporate the former 5 digit account (AAAAA) within the new structure. Our 4 digit sub-account structure is unchanged. 

Impact on campus stakeholders
The table below outlines the new ranges of 8 character accounts along with the conversion formula for the new project numbers. Click on the subledger to view an Excel document outlining the GL accounts affected, and their new Job Ledger Project IDs:  

Sub Ledger  Prefix  Converted Account Structure * Example
Research Accounts R R00AAAAA 91004 --> R0091004
Miscellaneous Deferred Revenue** M M00AAAAA 95092 --> M0095092
Coady Institute C CAAAAA00 68050 --> C6805000
Extension Department E EAAAAA00 69099 --> E6909900
Operating and Capital Projects P P10AAAAA 13200 --> P1013200

*   AAAAA represents the existing account number.
** Miscellaneous Deferred Revenue include accounts such as conferences, Festival Antigonish and other non-research projects.

Campus stakeholders interacting with the financial system will continue to provide account and sub-account combination. The account to be provided should be an 8 character account or a 5 digit account as applicable (either AAAAA-XXXX or PPPPPPPP-XXXX).