Financial Services Process Changes in Response to COVID-19


Please note, in an effort to protect the public and our employees from the spread of COVID-19, our offices are temporarily closed; however we will continue to provide services as best possible via email and telephone.

You may contact us by using the information listed below or referring to the departmental contact list:



Financial services has adapted several processes temporarily in order to continue providing our services by email and telephone. Please refer to the list below organized by functional area.


Orders for Goods and Services

Procurement Services has limited staff available and will be placing orders for urgent requirements only effective immediately. Please allow extended time for processing, approval and delivery due to current global supply issues.

If your request is not urgent, please delay your submission. Email with any questions.

The hours for Central Shipping/Receiving are changing effective immediately to 10:00 am to 12 noon and from 1:00pm to 3:00 pm.

If you have ordered goods without a purchase order to be delivered to Central Receiving (i.e. Pcard), you must email to provide the shipment details – this should include supplier name, product being delivered and the final campus destination including building and room number.

If prior notification is not received shipments will be refused. There is limited storage space available for incoming shipments – please do not place an order for goods to be delivered to campus without discussion with Procurement Services prior to ordering.

Shipping – Please arrange ALL shipping requirements through your StFX FedEx account using your Pcard as per normal practice. You will have to arrange the courier pick up off campus.


Please send all documentation for processing by Financial Services electronically. No paper documentation is acceptable. This would include invoices, expense claims, AUT PE Fund Claims, travel claims, PCard and Travel card Reconciliations.

Supplier Invoices – suppliers must email invoices to Invoices will NOT be paid unless received by email. Please ensure the PO number is included on the invoice and instruct all suppliers to email invoices directly to Accounts Payable.

Year End Requirements – All invoices for goods and services received by March 31, 2020 MUST be emailed to Please indicate whether any services invoiced relate to the 2019-20 or 2020-21 fiscal years.  


Internal Approval Process (interim) - the payment requestor must forward all documentation to the appropriate approver for their review. After review, the approver shall forward the original email with attachments to indicating that approval for payment is authorized. Signatures are not required if approvals are clear from the email.

Expense Reports –Employee expense reimbursements will continue to be paid through direct deposit as per normal process.

Completed expense reports and receipts must be submitted via email to

Please use your smartphone to scan receipts into one PDF document. Add all receipts into 1 PDF document and attach to your email.

You must retain the original report and receipts for submission at a later date.

Pcards – please complete all reviews of transactions and the tax allocation. Email the monthly transaction report to your approver along with receipts.

Please use your smartphone to scan receipts into one PDF document. Add all receipts into 1 PDF document and attach to your email.

You must retain the original report and receipts for submission at a later date.

It is important that you consider the impact COVID-19 will have on any existing or upcoming expenses you have requested. Examples of circumstances which require consideration include:

  • Travel reservations may need to be amended or cancelled in advance to receive refunds.
  • Travel advances for cancelled may need to be reimbursed. 
  • Guest Speaker events cancelled may require communication to accounts payable to ensure existing payments requested are addressed.


Credit card terminals with activity must continue to be settled daily and deposit forms processed as per usual. Please email an electronic copy of the deposit forms to and send the completed deposit forms and settled receipts to the finance office by mail. 

If you have outstanding cash or cheques to be processed for deposits, please notify to discuss arrangements.