StFX Bursary Programs

This listing is a resource that gives students direct access to bursaries available only through St. Francis Xavier University. The online application form is available by clicking the Bursary Application link on the right-hand menu.

Entrance Bursaries

Entrance bursaries are available for direct from high school students to apply for each spring. Please visit Entrance Bursaries for more information and a listing of the awards offered this year.

General and Limited Bursaries

The University has modest bursary programs which have been established to offer financial assistance to students in academic programs who find themselves in unanticipated financial difficulty and unable to meet their obligations. Awards are made to those who meet the qualifications established by the university, and, where applicable, by the individual donors. It is important to understand that applicants for StFX bursaries are expected to have exhausted other financial resources first, including student loans if available. Bursaries are not intended to assist students with costs that are unrelated to attending university or to avoid incuring student debt. Financial hardship caused by misuse of private funds will be considered the responsibility of the student.

  • Students enrolled in degree or diploma programs in the September to April academic year, who are making satisfactory academic progress, are eligible to apply. For bursary purposes, full-time is defined as a minimum of 9 credits per term unless stated otherwise in the bursary description.
  • Bursary applications will not be accepted prior to the posted opening dates for applciations for each term: late August for the 2019 fall term and late December for the 2020 winter term. 
  • Bursaries fall into one of two categories: Limited or General. Limited bursaries are available to students who meet particular requirements as stipulated in the terms of the bursary. General bursaries require that applicants be part-time or full-time students in a degree or diploma program, making satisfactory academic progress and are in need of financial assistance.
  • New for 2019-20: Applicants complete one bursary application per term and this will be used to assess your eligibility for all bursaries offered in the fall term or winter term.
  • Review the criteria of the Limited bursaries available each term before applying. You will be assessed for eligibility based on how well your application demonstrates you match criteria, you will not be considered for bursaries that your application does not indicate a match for.  
  • Bursary awards will be applied directly to the recipient's student account. In some circumstances, the recipient may request that some or all of the award be issued to them via cheque to use towards external student costs. This requires the approval of the Financial Aid Officer and may not be granted in all cases.    
  • Renewable bursaries must be applied for each year, renewals are not automatic. The recipient must demonstrate that they continue to meet the criteria in each year of study for the renewal to be granted.
  • You are not required to meet with the Financial Aid Office to apply for bursaries.

Note to grade 12 students: Apply to the Limited and General Bursary Programs after you have registered for your courses and the fall term applciation has opened in August. We do not accept applications to these programs while you are still in high school.

Note to Part-Time Students: Part-time Study Awards are also available through Continuing & Distance Education here. Up to ten awards of $500 will be granted each year to part-time students registered in undergraduate courses. Deadline for application is November 15 & February 15 of each academic year.

Note to Masters Students: Masters students are only eligible for those bursaries in the Limited Bursary program that specify they are open to students at the graduate level in their desription.

Please be advised that bursary amounts and criteria can change from year to year. The Financial Aid Office will not be held responsible for any inconvenience this may cause. When the website and the Financial Aid Office have discrepancies as to the amount of award, the Financial Aid Office will take precedence in the decision.

For more information about Limited Bursaries, click here.
For more information about General Bursaries, click here.