Emergency Aid Program

Student Emergency Fund

The StFX Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance for StFX students to address the most urgent cases of students who have nowhere else to turn and are at risk of being prevented from achieving their goal of a StFX diploma or degree. Students may be considered for funding for situations that are:

  • time sensitive
  • arise outside of the regular bursary program eligibility dates and criteria
  • unforeseen
  • cannot be addressed by any other means



Students may apply using the online Student Emergency Fund Application Form for the Fall 2020 term.

Students are welcome to access support completing the application from the University by contacting the StFX Financial Aid Office (financialaid@stfx.ca) or any other support office on campus.



To be eligible to apply to the Student Emergency Fund, a student must:

  • Be academically eligible - must normally be registered in a credit-based degree or diploma program.
  • Demonstrate financial need in the application, specific to student related costs and resources.
  • Not able to apply for the regular StFX General or Limited bursary programs because:
    • need occurs outside of bursary program eligibility dates,
    • the timelines for bursary awarding will not meet the urgent need of the student;
    • the regular bursary funds have been expended for the current budget year;
    • or the student does not qualify for regular bursary funding but demonstrates urgent financial need.
  • Demonstrate commitment to doing all they can to manage and contribute to their finances, including accessing government student loan or bank line of credit, or other funding programs as applicable. The purpose of the Student Emergency Fund is not to provide a means for students to avoid incurring typical student debt (student loans/bank education loans).
  • This fund may not normally be used to address outstanding student account balances or past debt. The Student Emergency Fund is not intended to replace lost wages when students are eligible for aid, such as government run programs, to support the loss of part time and summer wages.



Applications will be reviewed weekly, all applicants will be notified of decisions via their StFX email account.