FAQ: What do I do if someone tells me that they are being harassed?

Having someone feel safe enough to confide in you is a privilege and a responsibility. You may also be worried that you don’t know exactly what to say or what to do.  Some tips to remember include:

· Ensure the person feels safe. If they have immediate safety concerns ask if they need to call 911 or if they wish to access other resources on campus or in the community.

· Respect the person’s need to tell their story in their own time and in their own way. Listen without judgement. They may not wish to provide detailed information right away.

· Provide information on where they can receive support. A list of internal and external supports can be found here

· Ask if they would like to contact the Human Rights and Equity Advisor for further, or information about making a complaint.  Contacting the Human Rights and Equity Advisor may give the person access to information and support even if they do not wish to file a complaint.

Managers and supervisors have a duty to respond to concerns brought forward by their employees. Contact the Human Rights Advisor or Human Resources if you have questions or concerns on how to move forward. 

Remember: In some circumstances, StFX’s policy may address incidents that occur off-campus and online. 

Remember:  If you are a university employee, it is mandatory to report instances of discrimination/harassment when the incident involves an employee (faculty, staff, and administration) and a student. You must also report if there are reasonable grounds to believe that someone’s health and safety is at serious risk. If you have questions about whether or not you should report, please contact the Human Rights and Equity Advisor.