FAQ: What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment falls under the definition of harassment as per the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Examples may include:

  • sexually suggestive comments, gestures, threats or verbal abuse;
  • persistent and unwelcome sexual solicitations, flirtations or advances;
  • non-consensual touching or physical contact of a sexual nature;
  • coerced consent to sexual contact, including misuse of position or authority to      secure sexual favours;
  • sexual assault;
  • inappropriate display or transmission of sexually suggestive or explicit pictures, posters, objects or graffiti;
  • demands for sexual favours;
  • degrading, demeaning or insulting sexual comment or content, including unwelcome remarks, taunting, jokes or innuendos about a person’s body, sexuality, sexual orientation or sexual conduct;
  • persistent, unwanted attention or requests for sexual contact after a consensual relationship has ended; or
  • a course of sexualized comment or conduct that interferes with the dignity or privacy of a member of the University community, a visitor, or contractor.