FAQ: What is discrimination?

Discrimination is distinctive treatment, whether intentional or not, on the basis of:

·       age

·       race

·       colour

·       religion

·       creed

·       sex (including pregnancy, sexual harassment, etc)

·        sexual orientation

·       gender identity

·       gender expression

·       physical disability or mental disability

·       irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease

·       ethnic, national or aboriginal origin

·       family status

·       marital status

·       source of income

·       political belief

·       affiliation or activity

that from the perspective of a reasonable person in the position of the complainant has the effect of imposing a burden, obligation or disadvantage on an individual or a class of individuals not imposed upon others, or which withholds or limits access to opportunities, benefits and advantages available to other individuals or classes of individuals. 

Systemic Discrimination is Discrimination that arises as the effect of workplace policies or practices, as opposed to the discriminatory actions of an individual.