FAQ: What is the role of the Human Rights and Equity Advisor?


The role of the Human Rights and Equity Advisor is to work with Xaverians to create and promote an environment where individuals can live, work and study in a community free from discrimination and harassment. Services are available to all members of the campus community, including faculty, staff, students and visitors.

The Human Rights and Equity Advisor can:

  • Provide education, training and support on best practices concerning equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Provide information, support and guidance related to human rights issues;
  • provide information with respect to the Policy and what behaviour might constitute discrimination or harassment;
  • assist individuals in determining whether conduct complained of is covered by the Policy;
  • review with the individual the procedural options available for resolution of a  matter which falls under the Policy;
  • assist with informal resolution of a concern or complaint;
  • when appropriate, refer individuals to other policies, procedures and/or services internal or external to the University.


Remember: The Human Rights and Equity Advisor does not advocate for any individual or group. The Advisor works to create fair processes where the dignity and human rights of all members of the Xaverian community are respected and upheld.