FAQ: Reporting options and resolutions



StFX's Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures are based on principles of fairness and due process for complainants and respondents. StFX is committed to providing a complaints process that is fair, unbiased and facilitative for all parties.

Contact the Human Rights Advisor if you want to access information and support about your rights, or if you are ready to move forward with a complaint.  The Advisor can provide you with information about your rights and discuss formal and informal reporting options.

Typically, once an individual decides to file a complaint, the complaint resolution process takes one of two forms:

 Informal resolution  can involve communicating directly to the respondent that his or her comments or behaviour are unwelcome and offensive, a voluntary apology from the respondent, participation in discussion or informal mediation facilitated by the Human Rights Advisor or some form of communication that brings about a mutually satisfactory resolution to your concerns. Both parties have the right to withdraw from the process and/or initiate a formal resolution at any time.  If one or both parties withdraw from the informal process, it may proceed to the formal resolution process.  

Formal resolution typically starts with an investigation. If an investigation takes place, an investigator will be assigned to your complaint. They will interview you, the respondent, and witnesses, review available documentation and make a finding which will be returned to both you and the respondent.

Support is available throughout this process