Creative Writing Courses @ X

Students wishing to enrol in ENGL 322 or 422 are required to submit a portfolio to the English Department. The portfolio must be submitted electronically to as an attachment by June 1. The portfolio should consist of 10-15 pages of prose fiction, poetry, drama, or any combination thereof. If in any calendar year a course is restricted to a particular genre, the portfolio should consist solely of work in that genre. Students must indicate the creative writing course for which they wish to be considered and provide a complete list of English courses previously taken.
231 Introduction to Creative Writing 
This course teaches students how to write creatively in two genres -- poetry and fiction -- in a workshop setting. Students will explore those elements of composition (imagery, dialogue, point of view, characterization, etc.) that make for interesting and challenging writing. Six credits.
322 Intermediate Creative Writing 
Students will be expected to choose one genre through which they will continue to explore and develop the basic elements of composition learned in English 231. Prerequisite: ENGL 100, 110 or equivalent; three credits creative writing. Three credits. Not offered 2020-21.
422 Advanced Creative Writing
Explores the techniques of writing prose narrative, poetry, and drama to help students develop their powers of creative expression. Techniques include regular exercises, set assignments, free submissions, parodies, and imitations. Occasional guest writers. Prerequisite: ENGL 100, 110 or equivalent; six credits creative writing. Three credits. Not offered 2020-21.